About Us

The Journey of Ciranta

17+ years of constant learning and innovation towards producing the best user experience

Started as a Media & Designing Firm with just 2 People


Registered as a IT Services and Consulting firm. We were then a team of 8


ERP built from scratch for Pothys, one of the largest clothing retail in South India


Signed up our first billion-dollar company: UASC (Now Hapag Lloyd)


Started ERP Implementation Services with Odoo


Implemented Magento for Pothys.com


Implemented BI solutions for Audi, Carrefour via MechSoft


Signed up One of the largest e-commerce in ME, ALSHOP. Started our operations in Dubai


Signed up One of the largest e-commerce in ME, ALSHOP. Started our operations in Dubai


Signed up One of the largest e-commerce in ME, ALSHOP. Started our operations in Dubai


Signed up One of the largest e-commerce in ME, ALSHOP. Started our operations in Dubai


Took over project from IBM for Kalyan Jewelers, $1.3bn largest Jewelry retailer in India


Deployed BI & Digital Tx – Maire Tecnimont – Another $bn company – one of the largest EPC


Broadening Horizons, Aspirant Labs is now called ‘Ciranta’ with its operational presence extended to the United States



‘’To win in the marketplace, one must first win in the workplace’’ - Doug Conant.

The keystone principle that forms Ciranta’s cultural framework is Employee Centeredness.

We believe that the success of a company is a cumulative success of its employees and aspire to win both pillars of the business -The Employees and Clients.

The work environment is envisioned to nurture holistic development of individuals and to realise their optimum potential. Since, all better things flow from a peaceful mind, policies and practices are crafted to foster a space capable of generating ideas that touch lives.

Our Values

Together we grow, Together we excel.

1) A team that is Empowered, Diverse & Inclusive
We embrace diversity, for it is the very fabric of nature.
Unique ideas are the product of physical, intellectual, geographical, cultural and ethnic diversity in people. At Ciranta, we respect and value these differences.
2) Nurturing people
People are precious and we thrive together as a community.
Ciranta is committed to creating a space for people conducive to their holistic growth.
3) Empathizing, Client perspective
Going the extra mile by being mindful of Cost, risks related to particular business, scalability and performance in long-term services after delivery of the product.
4) Learning and Excellence
Being in the Digital field that is constantly evolving, new technologies pour in into the market every minute which invariably pushes us to the edge, to learn, excel and outperform.
5) Accountability and Commitment
We hold ourselves accountable for what we do and commit to quality of service.
6) Caring our beloved Planet and the Society we live in
We hold in the highest regard, the gift of natural resources we consume and take steps towards conserving it and building a more sustainable world. As a Corporate Citizen, we ensure that we actively participate in the social welfare towards shaping an Egalitarian, Tolerant and Healthy Civic Society.


We believe in co-creation, it is the expertise and cooperation across businesses, companies and industries that make up an innovation worth touching lives.

Ciranta is a Global Strategic Partner for EZOFIS, a Digital Automation giant for business applications. Tasked with the Implementation of Digital Transformation Tool and Consultation, Ciranta closely works toward establishing channels for EZOFIS worldwide. 

Innovation, sometimes requires expertise across businesses, companies and industries. Collaborations not just open up avenues for learning, experiencing new paradigms for its employees but also saves time and the burden proving profitable for all the stakeholders involved.

Ciranta’s current alliances include: ezofis, Veriato, Honchosoft, Cyberdisti, Mechsoft.

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