Governments worldwide are implementing digital transformation projects and initiatives for various reasons, including increased citizen satisfaction and overall cost savings. These changes occur at multiple levels of governmental influence, including national, regional, local, and supranational. They also exist in government-managed public sector services, such as public transportation/mobility and healthcare, and regulated, semi-regulated, and state-sponsored services. 

Ciranta has partnered with several government agencies and helped them in embracing technology in their austere environments. 

Our Offerings

Digital Workflow Automation and Document Management System

Governments and constituent entities are embracing digitalization to provide citizens with user-friendly government services while lowering the cost of such services. 

Data and information silos are reduced. There is better inter-departmental coordination, reduced human error, and reduced communication bottlenecks, allowing for seamless interdepartmental collaboration. 

Governments can often unlock revenue that would otherwise be lost in paper piles by digitizing their records and adopting new data and analytical tools. When combined with automation technology, digital processing can save significant labor time for more critical tasks. 

Our digital transformation experts provide our clients with: 

  • Centralized repository  
  • AI-powered capturing & Robust Search 
  • Scanning and Imaging 
  • Custom Workflow with No-Code visual workflow designer  
  • Version Control 
  • Custom Portals for different use cases 
  • E-Sign 
  • SLA Alerts 
  • Universal document format support 
  • Mobile and Cloud Access 
  • Simplified Audit Trails 
  • Analytics Reports 

BI & Analytics for Government  

Government agencies in any country are among the most extensive data powerhouse. They primarily collect and analyze big data before finalizing any new policy, rule, or regulation.  

Public bodies are primarily concerned with enacting and enforcing new laws and collecting, processing, and storing data. Citizens now expect the federal, state, and local governments to provide better, more convenient services and programs. Government agencies are now embracing technology to assist with their data needs. BI & analytics tools are used to serve the communities better while operating more productively and cost-effectively. 

We deliver  

  • BI Consulting 
  • Dashboards and visualization using visualization tools 
  • Custom dashboard development 
  • Predictive analytics 
  • Setting up Data Warehouse 
  • BI Implementation 
  • Custom dashboard development
  • Predictive analytics
  • Setting up Data Warehouse
  • BI Implementation