BI & Analytics



Ciranta’s Analytics & BI offerings include the applications, infrastructure, tools, and best practices that access and analyze your brand’s information to improve decisions and performance. 

Moving forward is impossible without taking stock of past performance, and there is a lot to learn from your previous achievements and mistakes. By redefining your objectives, we frame an optimal solution roadmap for your organization. 

Our Offerings

Internet of Things

An expanding business model generates tonnes of data, which can be challenging to manage. Great power comes great responsibility- and that is where the experts at Ciranta swoop in. We help our clients analyze, manage, connect and process data to increase their brand strength. 

Cloud service 

Store your data securely while remotely accessing it from anywhere- cloud storage provides you wings but with safety belts. Ciranta provides secure, accessible, convenient, and scalable cloud services for your organization’s rapid growth. 

Data integration 

Companies generate data from various touch points, and we make a cumulative assessment for easy access and better utilization to make strategic decisions. 

Visual Analytics 

Visual representation helps derive faster and more accurate decisions, and at Ciranta, we constantly work towards ease of work while helping you grow exponentially. 

Web analytics 

Your customer leaves data crumbs whenever they visit your website or interact with your brand. We collect every morsel and help create a better user experience and, ultimately better bottom line.  

Our Approach

Define phase create phase

Data Reporting

Collecting data and organizing it from a multiple number of sources in order to form an understandable view.

Data Analysis

Creating a functional outline with deep analysis on your organization’s data to comprehend the issues and challenges.

Data Mining

Extracting information and patterns from multiple data sets with advanced machine learning for accurate prediction on your enterprise’s future behaviour.

Data Warehouse

Combining multiple data sources into a single unit to enhance data quality, seamless dataflow, and act as the core system of an enterprise for data integration.

Predictive Analysis

Predicting future activities with statistical techniques and models to retain successful decision making and to abstain from unnecessary risks.

Our Ecosystem

Our ecosystem