The manufacturing industry’s digital transformation will improve order flow and product execution, track the transition of products from raw materials to final products, and evaluate and analyze yield, quality, and overall resource utilization. Better visibility due to digitalization helps reduce production costs and increase operational efficiencies. 

Our Offerings

Manufacturing ERP

Manufacturing ERP refers to software and systems used to plan, manage, and deliver specific functionalities that support manufacturers and their business operations. 

Manufacturing ERP aids in streamlining and automating a company’s core businesses and processes. 

Modern manufacturing ERP systems support and integrate with every business process, providing organizations with a comprehensive business management platform. Manufacturing ERP has operational and financial benefits at both the macro and micro levels. It assists in minimizing redundancy and automating processes to increase efficiency, optimizing operations, enhancing supply chain, warehouse, transportation, and inventory management, and capturing real-time data to improve customer experience. 

Ciranta provides best-in-class manufacturing ERP solutions to businesses across the globe. 

Digital Workflow Automation and Document Management System  

Manufacturing processes are complex, involving many employees, suppliers, and components. Because manufacturers frequently face pressure to cut costs, a streamlined workflow with practical information and document management is critical. 

Too much time and money are spent on document searching, sorting, and management. Ciranta has a solution to control this ever-increasing volume of documents, and you can do it without breaking the bank. 

 At Ciranta, we provide our clients with: 

  • Centralized repository  
  • AI-powered capturing & Robust Search 
  • Scanning and Imaging 
  • Custom Workflow with No-Code visual workflow designer  
  • Version Control 
  • Custom Portals for different use cases 
  • E-Sign 
  • SLA Alerts 
  • Universal document format support 
  • Mobile and Cloud Access 
  • Simplified Audit Trails 
  • Analytics Reports 

BI & Analytics for Manufacturing  

Manufacturing is a data-intensive industry, and failure to properly classify data can result in missed opportunities. Utilizing BI to enhance operations can significantly influence your bottom line, and it identifies inefficiencies in your production line and assists in enhancing operations. 

A company can use manufacturing analytics to enhance its final product’s quality. Several methods, such as data-driven product optimization, regulating defect density levels, and monitoring consumer feedback and purchase trends, are utilized to accomplish this. 

Ciranta provides holistic and end-to-end BI & analytics solutions. We offer: 

  • BI Consulting 
  • Dashboards and visualization using visualization tools 
  • Custom dashboard development 
  • Predictive analytics 
  • Setting up Data Warehouse 
  • BI Implementation