Odoo Customization


Customized ERP solution

With the ever-changing business requirements, an ERP has to be flexible enough to adapt to these changes. When it comes to the customization of Odoo, we prefer to keep the customization as low as possible so as to not change Odoo’s business processes and practices which are curated by understanding several businesses over the years.

As an Odoo Consulting Partner with immense experience in customizing Odoo for various businesses, we understand that Odoo has to be tailor made to suit your business’ specific needs.  We follow the industry standard processes and best practices set by Odoo to implement the changes that are required.  We ensure that the modules are customized in a way that they are easily upgradable in the future and does not interfere with the core Odoo functionality.

We also prefer to use 3rd party modules which are tested and better rated instead of creating modules from scratch to avoid redundant work and keep the code lean and clean.

We never modify Odoo’s existing base code which will affect the code’s upgradability and maintainability.

Our Odoo Customization Services:

  • New Module Development: Develop a new functionality not available in Odoo. Odoo itself is a Rapid Application Development (RAD) framework which allows to create business applications with ease. Taking advantage of its RAD feature, we at Ciranta, can develop Business Process Management (BPM) applications on top of Odoo.
  • Extending Functionality: Extending an already existing functionality in Odoo can be done by creating a new module and extending the original Odoo module. If you require a change in functionality to fit your business requirement or wanted to add new features to an existing module, Ciranta, with our years of experience working with different versions of Odoo can cater to your needs.
  • Field & Workflow Customization: If there is no functional change, and simply additional workflow or few fields to be added or removed, we at Ciranta, either customize the same using Odoo’s studio module or by creating a new module and extending the base module.
  • Printable Reports:  Customize any printable reports like Invoices, Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes and more with the fields your business requires and also with the design as per your branding guidelines.
  • Dashboards & MIS Customization:  Custom Dashboards and MIS Reports including scheduled reports that can be sent daily, weekly and monthly. Dashboards can be different based on user roles.

Our Approach:

  • Business Requirement Document
  • Functional Requirement or Use Case Document
  • Impact Analysis
  • Baseline Estimates & Project Plan
  • Module Development
  • QA – Prepare Test Cases
  • Unit Testing
  • Functional Testing by QA
  • Integration Testing
  • Release