Digital Transformation



Digital transformation uses technologies to develop new company processes, culture, and consumer experiences to satisfy changing business and market needs. 

 We holistically build on your existing business ethos while augmenting it with the latest technological innovations: 

  • Upgrade how you operate & serve your customers 
  • Changes the status quo & increase convenience 
  • Reduces chances of disruptions & risks 

 In this hypercompetitive environment, to remain relevant, companies must adopt and implement the latest technology like AI, ML, & workflow automation. Customized and comprehensive digital transformation from Ciranta can make you an industry leader and give you an edge over the rest. 

Our Offerings

Our 360-degree digital transformation approach has gained acceptance among our clients, as it includes: 

Our offring Why should you trust Ciranta’s digital transformation consulting services? 

Our experienced specialists understand the latest market trends and future prospects, allowing you to be a pioneer while minimizing resource loss and risk. 

  • Digitally centralize information to eliminate paper and manual records. 
  • Automation saves time and boosts operational efficiency. 
  • Agile delivery and cloud boost user and organization value. 
  • Develop an innovative business, employee, and stakeholder culture. 
  • Data-driven insights improve customer experience. 

Our Approach

Are you ready to digitally transform your business and take it to the next level? 

Before starting a project, it’s integral to evaluate the current situation. Ciranta’s Digital Transformation Assessment determines your current standing with market dynamics and technical potential so we can assist you in obtaining the highest outcome from our transformative collaboration. 

Cirant’s consultants can provide you with end-to-end solutions tailored to your industry demands and challenges based on nearly two decades of experience and handling 100+ businesses ranging from SMEs to MNCs across various industry verticals undergoing digital transformation. Our expertise lies in Automotive, BFSI, Energy, Government, Healthcare, IT, Retail, and Manufacturing. 

 Our digital transformation assessment involves:

  • Analyze pain areas and unexplored opportunities to maximize potential. 
  • Analyzing inefficiencies and redundancies 
  • Evaluating your company’s approach to technological trends and apps 
  • Budget and financial resources help structure strategy, prioritize, and determine scope. 
  • Create a digital transformation roadmap to ensure the evolution of business in harmony with the evolving digital landscape 


Digital transformation strategy

Our Ecosystem

We extend our technology and business capabilities through a powerful ecosystem of market leaders and innovators, from the largest platform companies to startups and niche players.

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