Ciranta has over 17 years of retail IT transformational experience. We’ve worked with global retail conglomerates to help them scale their operations while streamlining their processes. 

Ciranta experts undertake everything from store design, website and app design, online-to-offline customer journeys and experiences, merchandising, and supply chain transformations.

Our Offerings 

Retail ERP

Retail ERP is a real-time software system that connects and integrates the business processes unique to retail operations. Retail ERP allows retailers to streamline, automate, and manage front-end and back-office business processes much more efficiently. 

A point of sale (POS) module is included as standard with a retail ERP. This eliminates the risk of siloed systems, which can impede effective business intelligence and ultimately harm the customer experience. 

We provide customized, end-to-end solutions and add only those features that are necessary to your business needs. This helps to keep software lighter and deployment and maintenance faster and more convenient. 

BI & Analytics for Retail  

From client information to inventory and supply chain data, retail organizations generate enormous amounts of data. Getting the right insights from this data is critical for improving store performance, inventory management, customer engagement, product merchandising, and advertising and marketing efforts. Ciranta helps organizations filter through their data and come to the right conclusions. 

 At Ciranta, we provide:  

  • BI Consulting and Implementation
  • Dashboards and visualization 
  • Custom dashboard development 
  • Predictive analytics 
  • Setting up Data Warehouse