Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC)



The EPC industry is under intense pressure to decrease prices, standardize offerings, prevent mega-project cost overruns, and increase its recurring revenue sources. There are many stakeholders involved and a lack of communication can lead to budget loss and delays. 

Spreadsheets no longer permit real-time data analysis and have become obsolete. New digital EPC tools such as the Internet of Things, Mobile Technology, Big Data, Cloud services, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence help to optimize operations, be more effective and profitable, and provide smarter construction with future insights. 

Our Offering

Digital Workflow Automation and Document Management System

Engineering and construction projects are hampered by a lack of real-time data from the field and a lack of coordination between field personnel and office personnel. It also involves a lot of paperwork and data, which, if not properly processed, can lead to a faulty company foundation.  

Digitalization in project management, invoice management, document management, material tracking, incident management, contract management, and performance management can be highly beneficial. 

Don’t know where to start? Allow Ciranta to construct a customized EPC digital transformation plan and also execute it effortlessly, 

 The services we provide: 

  • Centralized repository with a single source of truth 
  • AI-powered capturing & Robust Search 
  • Scanning and Imaging 
  • Custom Workflow with No-Code visual workflow designer  
  • Version Control 
  • Custom Portals for different use cases 
  • E-Sign 
  • SLA Alerts 
  • Universal document format support 
  • Mobile and Cloud Access 
  • Simplified Audit Trails 
  • Analytics Reports 

BI & Analytics for EPC  

Construction analytics and BI is the process of gathering, analyzing, and monitoring data to improve capital project outcomes, reduce risks, and uncover critical insights using real-time data and automated construction reports compiled from multiple sources. 

We provide: 

  • BI Consulting 
  • Dashboards and visualization using visualization tools 
  • Custom dashboard development 
  • Predictive analytics 
  • Setting up Data Warehouse 
  • BI Implementation