Digitalization is accelerating the claims process and lowering claim losses. Faster claims processing isn’t just for customer convenience; they reduce insurers’ claim-processing costs. 

With our experience and knowledge, Ciranata’s consultants have helped many of our clients revolutionize their operations which has, in turn, helped their end-users.

Our Offerings

Digital Workflow Automation and Document Management System

Technology like AI, ML, and predictive analytics is powering the insurance industry. Digitalization in the insurance sector has organizations provide an agile, efficient, scalable, and personalized solution to their end-users.  

Digitalization has become a necessity, not a luxury, to stay ahead of the competition! At Ciranta, we understand our client’s challenges and pet peeves and help provide a tailored solution that fits their budget and scale of operations. 

We have the expertise of working with SMBs and MNCs across the globe and know about international and regional legal sanctions pertaining to the insurance domain. 

 To bring the light from chaos, we provide our partners with: 

  • Centralized repository  
  • AI-powered capturing & Robust Search 
  • Scanning and Imaging 
  • Custom Workflow with No-Code visual workflow designer  
  • Version Control 
  • Custom Portals for different use cases 
  • E-Sign 
  • SLA Alerts 
  • Universal document format support 
  • Mobile and Cloud Access 
  • Simplified Audit Trails 
  • Analytics Reports 

BI & Analytics for Insurance

Data analytics bring new capabilities that help insurers optimize every function in the insurance value chain. It can also examine a customer’s credit history using alternative data sources to provide a more sophisticated risk assessment. 

A BI platform offers data visualization for operations, claims, sales, and marketing. It analyzes massive amounts of data and displays it in a consumable fashion to aid decision-making. 

BI in the insurance industry can provide real-time access to meaningful consumer data and advanced analytics for decision-makers. 

 We offer: 

  • BI Consulting 
  • Dashboards and visualization using visualization tools 
  • Custom dashboard development 
  • Predictive analytics 
  • Setting up Data Warehouse 
  • BI Implementation