Odoo Training


Learn ERP skills with Functional Training and become a valuable asset for Digital Transformation

Why is training important for the success of an ERP system?

An ERP system is a big investment for any organization. It takes a lot of time, money and resources to implement an ERP system. And the ROI for any ERP investment is only realized when every member of an organization fully understands and utilizes the new system. That’s why training is important for the success of an ERP system.
Functional Training
As the name suggests, functional training focuses on the functionality of the software i.e. how to use it. This type of training is done by the expert team of professionals from Odoo Domain. It is dedicated to Odoo Partners, ERP Consultants and End-users who want to get better Functional and Technical understanding of Odoo. The functional training usually happens online over a web conference.

At the end of the Functional Training, the user will be able to successfully configure Odoo and use it effectively to get the job done assigned to the user.

Technical Training
This type of training is mostly for the administrators. This covers the installation of the system, developing new modules, updating new modules, architecture of the system and more.

Backups, best practices in deployment, Devops are also covered as part of Technical Training.