Software & Platforms



The empowerment of the digital economy comes from software platforms. With businesses in trillion dollars, the software giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft overruled the automotive and petrochemical industries who were the dominant forces of 20st century.

Ciranta enables your platform’s future landscape to evolve using next-gen technology that enhance your scales, accelerate the delivery, build value for your potential customers and make your platform more unique and engaging.

Our Offerings

Rapid Prototyping

Creating a better framework from your concepts to work, analyze, and consolidate for progressive development and synthesizing sharper impact by utilizing rightful resources at the rightful time.

Build Operate and Transfer 

  • Building a dynamic and credible team that can work in line with local laws and culture and also assert a relentless commitment to ensuring compatible efficiency.
  • Managing affiliated branches to coordinate and cooperate with the parent organization, establishing a cohesive system for the employees, and ensuring seamless local support.
  • Transferring the control of the team to the client when it is deemed necessary.

Setting up ODC

We are committed to providing excellent ODCs with commendable and highly skilled developers who can work effectively to enhance your enterprise. From defining your vision and mission to determining the cost-effective and functional methodology, we ensure your growth at every turn.

Building your idea

Constructing an organization from a concept is an extremely challenging endeavor. Ciranta pledges to help you from your inception by building a suitable business model, diminishing potential risks with a clinical strategy, analyzing competitors for forming unique brand equity, and executing valuable feedback for a better customer experience.